Pioneering Biomolecular Learning

March Therapeutics is revolutionizing the discovery and development of novel genetic medicines by pioneering Biomolecular Learning, an evolutionary approach incorporating molecular recording and advanced computing to mine the tree of life for useful enzymes and optimize them for therapeutic applications.

Designs Inspired by Nature

Nature is the ultimate molecular architect. Today’s groundbreaking genetic medicines started off as naturally occurring molecular machines and modalities created through millions of years of evolution.

However, efforts to harness nature’s biomolecular machines and enzymatic repertoire are stymied by the lack of a broadly applicable, high-throughput approach to map genotypes to phenotypes, and thereby search protein function landscapes at scale.

MarchTx is set to address this limitation. Starting from an unmet need, MarchTx applies Biomolecular Learning to design next-generation therapeutics that are fit-to-purpose, thus changing the existing paradigm of development of genetic medicines.

Visualize the Canvas of Evolution

MarchTx’s proprietary molecular recording technologies enable ultra-high-throughput mapping of protein sequence to function, giving a holistic view of the protein function landscape and the ability to visualize the canvas of evolution.

Molecular recording converts biomolecular activities into universally interpretable, easily scalable sequence-based datasets. These datasets along with additional layers of information are further processed by AI/ML to accelerate the development of therapeutic modalities with desired properties.

Together, these technologies enable MarchTx to emulate the power of natural evolutionary processes but in a focused manner that optimizes multiple parameters towards a desired phenotype.

We are actively looking for aspiring molecular architects to write the next chapter of genetic medicine.